It’s a Good Day for Detroit Young Mothers

It is not every day that grassroots efforts pull through.  Today, however, is one of those lucky days.  Since the announcement that the Catherine Ferguson Academy (CFA) was expected to close after this school year, BYMC and The National Women’s Law Center have worked diligently to keep the school open, with the argument that a shutdown would be a violation of Title IX.

Without CFA, teen mothers would have no access to free childcare, meaning that they would face even greater obstacles on the road to perusing a high school degree. We, at the Brooklyn Young Mothers’ Collective, applaud the Detroit Public School system for maintaining this vital institution as a charter school.

To read the full Detroit Free Press article, follow this link:

Also, notice the Benita shout-out!


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One response to “It’s a Good Day for Detroit Young Mothers

  1. yeahyeahyeah

    Yeah Detroit!! I love BYMC!!!!!

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